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Welcome to B&J Auto Parts Romania!

B&J is one of the largest suppliers of diesel fuel injection parts in Middle East.

B&J is dealing with the exportation, importation and distribution of Diesel Engine Parts especially Diesel Fuel Injection Parts. For many good reasons B&J is located in the cities of Bucharest Romania - and Dubai U.A.E. - a junction for world trade, one of the biggest and fastest seaports.

We are holding a comprehensive inventory of engine parts, diesel fuel injection spare parts and an expert team of salespeople. We are specialized with Massey Ferguson, UTB and John Deere tractors parts.

We offer reasonable prices for our products that are the result of our low costs on impressive sales volume. Well-established traffic-connections guarantee a quick and economical dispatch of your consignments - by ship, plane or truck.

We are pleased to serve our customers who are either trading companies or diesel engine service shops who have the experience to service our high quality parts.

If you are a manufacturer or a main dealer of diesel fuel injection systems contact us today and let us have the opportunity to show what our highly trained team can do for you.

Welcome to B&J Auto Parts Romania!

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